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Cakes and Desserts


We will work with you to create unique, fun, bold and unexpected cakes for your next celebration, bringing to you an explosion of feelings.

We take pride in being able to offer the highest level of quality and service as we strive to help make entertaining your guests an effortless success.

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Weddings & Events

At Julienne Cakes we like to connect people by sharing a piece of cake, bringing joy, laughter and a moment that you will remember forever. Our cakes are fun and playful, followed by a visual explosion of strong colors, movement and authenticity.

Julienne Cakes has received nominations and been featured in publications such as:
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Have questions? Tell us your next party's vision, what you’re looking for or the theme. We’d love to customize something for your special day! 

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General inquiries: JULIENNECAKES@GMAIL.COM / TEL: (619) 727-7637
Located in San Diego, California
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