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I am a food lover that likes to please others. After going to Design School back in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to California, I found myself in love with baking and decorating cakes.


Moving to a new country that is known for its fast food restaurants, made me change habits. I looked for organic food when I moved here, so I taught myself how to cook. It became an obsession. I was working at a bakery shop in La Jolla, California and it was there where I realized how much love I had for baking. I could not wait to go home after work to bake cookies for my friends. Which later led me to pursue my culinary degree at The Art Institute of Los Angeles.


Now I confess, I spend a lot of time thinking about cake. As much as I want your cake to look amazing, I also want it to taste great too. Much time is spent on experimenting with flavors and ensuring my cakes are light and my buttercream silky, as well as playing with the limitless possibilities of design, texture and color using nature (specially the ocean and sea life), architecture and art as my inspiration. Above all, it’s about being creative and producing an unique cake that makes you feel really special and captures the essence of you.


And if you’re anything like me, the idea of having a cake is special. It’s a slice of lemon

drizzle with a cup of tea on a cold morning; or it’s a flashback to being a kid again, waiting for my grandma to finish mixing her chocolate cake and pass me the spoon, but more importantly, cake always marks a happy occasion and the gathering of friends and family in celebration. So yes, it’s pretty special if you ask me.


What special memories will your wedding cake hold for you?


Julienne xoxo