About Us



Julie is a food lover that likes to please others. After going to Design School back in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to California, she found herself in love with baking and decorating cakes.


Moving to a new country that is known for its fast food restaurants, made her change habits. “I looked for organic food when I first moved here, so I taught myself how to cook.” It became an obsession. She was working at a bakery shop in La Jolla, California as a part time job, and it was there where she realized how much love she had for baking. She could not wait to go home after work to bake cookies for her friends and family. Which later led her to pursue her culinary degrees at The Art Institute of Los Angeles.


Julienne Cakes was created to bring more pleasure, joy and fun to the table. We provide an explosion of feelings by taste and vision with our decadent flavors and bold colors. Special moments are encrypted in our mind by our senses, and nothing better than indulging yourself with a great dessert after a great meal.

Our mission is to offer bold and surprising hand-crafted cakes, made with fresh and local ingredients, valuing art, design and taste. Striving for the highest quality, with consistency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Meet cake artist Julie Fornazari