It would be a shame if your cake didn't taste as beautiful as it looks, so it's important that when it comes to the eating, you are treated to a delectable marriage of flavors

combined with the softest of sponges and silkiest of buttercream. All of my cakes are

made fresh to order with quality ingredients, free range eggs and real butter.


Each of my cake tiers is at least 5" tall with at least 4 layers of sponge filled with a combination of flavors and textures for a more luxurious and interesting taste. My fondant-covered cakes are coated with a layer of chocolate ganache, made with dark or white Belgian chocolate, to ensure a perfect foundation for smooth, sharp-edged fondant. I also use a premium quality fondant for flavor and a luxury finish.


Every year I like to present a different menu, so allow me to tempt you with the selection I prepared for you for 2022.